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Against the location of a 20m mast in Ramelton (Eircom Exchange)

This was the allocated space for the mast:

30 m from the nearest housing estate (100 feet)

140 m from the nearest school (460 feet)

183 m from nearest nursing home (600 feet)

103 m from the local Chapel and parochial hall (340 feet)

There are three main fears in relation to the location of this mast




  1. Big fear is the HEALTH risk it will maybe pose. There Is a lot of controversy surrounding these Masts and while the World Health Organisation studies have not yet proven adverse health effects it CANNOT be proven safe.
    Remember that 40 years ago we were told that Asbestos was safe.
  2. We are also concerned about the location of the mast, The structure will have a detrimental IMPACT ON THE VISUAL APPROACHES for Ramelton ( Fáilte Ireland designated Heritage Town).
    Department of the Environment Guidelines for Planning Authorities on the Telecommunications Act 1996 states that only as last resort ... should free standing masts be located in a residential area or beside schools. ( How can this location be described "as a last resort" and be the only location that Eircom could find???)
  3. The DEVALUATION OF PROPERTIES is our third concern. We believe that if this mast is erected it will lead to a devaluation of land and houses in the area."
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