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Mirth and merriment with Goldilocks at Ramelton Panto
By John McAteer
Photos taken by
Tirconaill Tribune photographers
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It was the 46th season for the Ramelton Pantomime Society and their Town Hall production, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Ramelton in February is panto season and as the crowds flock to the town hall, every last detail has been put in place to ensure that they will see the best two hours of entertainment and fun since this time last year. And it is one of the town's big traditions: it is their pride and joy.

As a result much is expected and patrons already know that they will see a very professional production.

Goldilocks was last performed in Ramelton back at the end of February 1998 and much has changed in that time. But the age old story has not and this year the script has been updated and there are many memorable songs for you to enjoy.

It is a show where there are so many twists and turns along the road and at the end everyone should go home happy: hopefully you will still have a home to return to but with the way the country is going I'd not bet too much on that one.
It is indeed a real old worlde fairy tale:

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks who lived near to Dail Eireann and the Anglo Irish Bank. She was called Goldilocks because she had very beautiful curly blond hair which gleamed like gold in the sunlight.

But although Goldilocks looked really pretty she could sometimes be very naughty, even though she was not a banking executive's daughter.

So Goldilocks wandered deeper and deeper into the forest until she became completely lost in the most amazing pothole out at Woodlands.


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She felt very frightened and was about to cry when she saw a strange little cottage amongst the trees. Goldilocks tapped on the door but there was no answer. Then she peeped in through an open window. There was no one at home so she climbed inside for a look around.

Inside the cottage a fire was burning brightly and a table was laid for breakfast with three bowls of steaming porridge. It smelled delicious and Goldilocks realised how hungry she was.

'I'll just try a little bit to see how it tastes,' she said. First she tried the biggest bowl but the porridge was too salty.
Then she tried the middle bowl but the porridge was too sweet. Then she tried the little bowl and the porridge was just right so she ate it all up.

So she turned on Highland Radio and when she heard Cllr. Ian McGarvey on the Shaun Doherty Show (again) she really believed she was dreaming. Near the fire were three chairs. Goldilocks was tired so she decided to sit down. First she tried the biggest chair but it was too high.

Then she tried the middle chair but that was too high as well. At last she tried the smallest chair but it was too small and broke to pieces.

Goldilocks didn't know that the cottage belonged to three Bears and they were on their way home. Father Bear played by Brian Cowen had been collecting wood for the fire. Mother Bear (Mary Coughlan) had collected a basket of blackberries.
'I do hope our porridge is cool enough to eat,' said Baby Bear played by Brian Lenihan.

'I want my breakfast.' You do like Hell, shouts all the public service workers in the audience and then Mickey McHugh appears to calm things down.

The three Bears who'd spent the morning playing at the Dave Gallaher Memorial Park looked at the little girl. What was she doing in their cottage?

Goldilocks woke up with a jump. She thought that the three Bears were part of her dream and pinched herself very hard, but the Bears did not disappear.

Now she was very frightened. She jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs and out through the door of the cottage.

She ran and ran, not stopping for breath until she reached her own house with her mother waiting at the doorstep.
And the rest is history!

Hope to see you all again next year!
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