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James Buchanan sen.

President James Buchanan

James Buchanan sen. was born in Low Cairn, Ramelton and was reared at Stony Batter, Ards Little, Ramelton.

In 1783 (the end of the American War of Independence) his Uncle Joshua
fetched him over to Pennsylvania where he bought a trading post, also named 'Stony Batter' after his grandparents' home. He married Elizabeth Spear and their oldest son was named after his father James.

This James became the 15th President of the USA,
President James Buchanan
23/04/1791  01/06/1868).

He was the only president ever to come out of Pennsylvania. His home place is now a museum and you can visit Wheatland here.

If you are interested or even linked to these particular Buchanans, then please visit:

Stony Batter
Ards Little, Ramelton
Photo: Irene Martin

Pres. James Buchanan's Wheatland
Photo: James Buchanan Foundation,
Lancaster, Pennsylvania



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