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      Ramelton (Rathmelton)
one of Irelands Heritage Towns, is a charming little town of the 17th century, situated in the Heart of Donegal at the mouth of the River Lennon to the
Lough Swilly.

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    Ramelton (Rathmelton), eines von Irlands denkmalgeschützten Orten, ist ein reizendes kleines Städtchen aus dem 17. Jh, gelegen im Herzen Donegals an der Mündung des River Lennon in den Lough Swilly.

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Ramelton Community Games under threat

The future of Community Games in Ramelton is under threat following last week’s AGM when not enough people turned up to form a committee. And the stark message is that unless more volunteers come forward urgently it will not be possible for the organisation of Community Games to continue in Ramelton. ...read more

Ramelton Local News

Panto Plans

Tickets for the show will go on sale on Monday the 8th of February in the booking office at the Town Hall.
It is a show that can be whipped up into a fairytale souffle, with parts for Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Peter Pan and more… but let’s wait and see what is in store this year. 2016 is the 60 anniversary of the first panto in Ramelton in 1956.  ....read more

Ramelton Panto 2016
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Swan at the Bought, Ramelton
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